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Sacred Scoop

Sacred Scoop

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"It makes no difference where you’ve been or what you haven’t done.
Learn to act now. Stop being a bystander and begin living. Pay attention
to your heart. Do whatever makes you happy. It is time for you to bloom.
Break out of the box you’ve been keeping yourself in and begin to
spread your wings. Stop listening to the naysayers and those who will
never be on the same page as you. And how does that matter? Simply
listen to your heart. No more ifs and buts, hopefully. Do not let any scar
define you. Be flawed; be real. Do not let your spark be extinguished.
We always do not need the solutions, but we do need to be heard.
The book evolves as an inspiration for those who believe in the small
nuances of life and love. It redefines those elements that substantially
allow you to start living. Find your courage and step off the ledge.
Get hooked on a series of heartwarming poems that do not highlight
your accomplishments. Talk about the lessons you’ve learned and the
strength you’ve forged through life’s fires. Continue to evolve and look
up. Stop looking back, and embrace change and the future. Dreams may
come true!! Who knows?! All you need is a pocketful of belief that life
unboxes itself in the most unpredictable manner. "

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    Kamalika Bhattacharya
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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