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My Beloved

My Beloved

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In a quiet household, the night takes a sinister turn when Sankar, the pillar of the family, collapses without warning. His wife, Chuni, and his mother are thrust into a whirlwind of distress and confusion as they grapple with the sudden, unexplained event. The only clue they have is that Sankar had risen in the dead of night to quench his thirst, and then, inexplicably, everything goes dark.
As the long, agonizing night unfolds, fear and anxiety grip the household. The mystery surrounding Sankar’s sudden collapse deepens, and unsettling questions begin to surface. What could have befallen him in the dead of night? Is it a medical emergency, or is something far more sinister at play?
Chuni and her mother-in-law are left to confront the unknown, their imaginations running wild with chilling possibilities. The night ticks away, leaving Sankar’s loved ones teetering on the precipice of their worst fears. As the first rays of daylight creep in, the lingering question remains: Who or what is responsible for Sankar’s harrowing condition?
“My beloved” is a suspenseful tale of a family grappling with the inexplicable, as they confront the darkness within their home, and the chilling mystery it holds.
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    Shruti Dutta Gupta
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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