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Musings under the Moon

Musings under the Moon

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We as humans always wish to be seen, heard and to be understood. It’s always comforting to know that there are people out there who understand and relate to us.
Aarushi, the author of Musings under the Moon, realized quite early that it is necessary to be able to comprehend and express our thoughts and emotions to remain happy and healthy. Armed with this new knowledge, she turned to poetry.
Over the years, she has penned down poetry covering various topics expressing deep emotions which people feel and deal with.
The emotions she was unable to show have been etched in the form of poems in the book, for she believes that writing expresses feelings when words can’t.
Along with feelings, she has beautifully recorded various memories of her past. A typical messy notebook, which she filled with poetry, played the role of a diary for her, where she could confide and freely talk about her emotions.
Aarushi believes that this diary is now ready to be shared with the world and she does so hoping that her poetry helps other people feel seen, heard and understood, the same way poetry helped her.
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    Aarushi Kulkarni
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