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Love, Lies, and Best Friend Ties!

Love, Lies, and Best Friend Ties!

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In “Love, Lies and Best Friend Ties!,” Rajib and Saachi’s uproarious journey navigates a tangled web of hilarity. Rajib’s rebellious plan clashes with Saachi’s identity crisis, prompting them to concoct a mock marriage for relief. But when Raina enters the scene, their cosy life spins into a comedic whirlwind.
Hold onto your funny bone as misunderstandings, mishaps, and mayhem unfold. Rajib’s ex resurfaces, quirky parents complicate matters, and unexpected guests spill secrets. Amidst the laughter, “Love, Lies and Best Friend Ties!” unearths heartwarming moments of self-discovery and acceptance.
With Rajib, Saachi, and Raina at the centre of chaos, you’ll root for each other to find truths beneath the mountain of hilarious lies. Prepare for a laughter-filled battle of wits, where side-splitting misadventures lead to unforeseen revelations.
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    Namita Das
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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