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Khandelwal's Poetic Process

Khandelwal's Poetic Process

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"Khandelwal's Poetic Process" unveils the art of creation through fifty-two meticulously crafted poems that delve into the heart of a poet's journey.
With a masterful touch, Khandelwal explores the intricate dimensions of poetry writing, providing a kaleidoscope of perspectives on the poetic process, from the struggle of ink meeting paper to the triumphant birth of verse to the publication pains, inspiring poets to refine their craft.
Khandelwal's exploration of themes, employing exceptional use of vivid imagery, is unique in contemporary poetry, offering unexpected angles that evoke emotions through unconventional juxtapositions.
What distinguishes this book is that it combines, through engaging, pithy poems, almost all the theory required to be disseminated under one cover.
This is a handbook that all poetry writers and readers should possess.
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    Rajiv Khandelwal
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