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Ink and Embers

Ink and Embers

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Both a hell full of agony and a heaven full of love are equally agonising to
conceal. I’m somewhat unique yet also very much like you. Taking each day
and each moment as it comes. Attempting to touch at least one heart and one
mind, offering hope, ensuring tender love, and maintaining gratitude. Love is
the strongest emotion of all, and the great passion can occasionally push us to
the brink.
It’s impossible to strategize your way into falling in love; it just happens.
When two souls collide in a twist of fate, it has the potential to drastically
alter everything. Interacting with one another, aspiring to be one. The
entanglement of our deepest emotions and heartfelt desires happens when
we encounter some people and they become our world. Read on and you will
relive the twitch with each poem. Write back to me your experience and I may
learn the new nuances of love
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    Kamalika Bhattacharya
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