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I'll think of it later

I'll think of it later

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There was and always will be interesting chaos till it�s settled. Unfortunately, a battle for dominance gets messy, extremely messy. The last time it happened, it lasted a hellish century and left only three billion humans alive.
A ghost leader has experiments made, if they�re successful, they can be used in many ways. If it doesn�t work on the newborns� we don�t talk about that. The beasts aim to learn about humans the way humans begin learning about the world. They also plan to spread terror the same way humans do.
With the new species aiming for and a team of split up successful hybrid humans seek to expose Passion Labs and the Prime Minister of Neo Genesis. One side seeks domination and the other hopes for a peaceful life, what battles will ensue?
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    Aditya Prasath V
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