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Heart Trap

Heart Trap

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In the bustling campus of BT College Ludhiana, Pharmaceutical�s student Purab Chaddha is the unquestioned certified Casanova. Girls, of all subjects, all years and all interests cannot get enough of him. Pamela Chopra, the psychology nerd, stuck in a corner of the college canteen, who hardly exists except as a butt of jokes for some idlers, is one person hence never on Purab�s radar. A similar joke causes their paths to cross when not willing to take any aspersions on his courtship abilities, Purab takes a wager from a friend to convince Pamela to go on a memorable date with him. 
He had thought he has met many like her but is stumped to find a tough nut to crack, a girl who can give him a good game. Not one to accept defeat easily, Purab ups the stakes of charmed conversation but ends up trapped with the daunting task of  a whole day with her. 
Spending a whole day with an unbearable bore may be the least of all sacrifices for Purab to uphold his title of the king of studs. But he is also doubly tasked with the provocation of making it one totally memorable for her. As he wades into his all familiar battle of dating, will the sojourn be an unmitigated disaster or the baby steps to something more everlasting?
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    Barnali Basu
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