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Healing the Fractured Workplace

Healing the Fractured Workplace

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Neha, Sandeep, and Aditya were all battling with their emotional wellbeing
because of the demanding and detrimental work culture that
appeared to be engulfing more individuals each passing day. They felt
confined within a system that was beyond their power, and despite
their attempts, they couldn’t break free from its hold on them.
Did they succeed?
Although the book is a work of fiction, it offers valuable lessons that
can motivate and affect its readers. Through interesting characters
and gripping plot twists, the book shows the importance of self-care
and overcoming toxic energy in order to prioritize your wellbeing. It
delves into the benefits of positive lifestyle habits, such as mindfulness
and meditation, and how they can help overcome fear and lead you to
discover your higher purpose.
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    Kapil Bhatnagar
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