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Haunted Site

Haunted Site

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Don’t be there. Not a safe place. So many ghosts! You will be scared. There are only dark souls. You will be dead within a second. Oh my God! Is that right? A haunted site! 
Still mind wants to touch a part of that haunted sight. No worries. May be not so scary, but still will go, to gather a new experience. 
It will be like an adventure. As ups-downs, life’s parts; so let’s make this time. 
This book contains so many writes, as the shadows of haunted sights. As for example- Haunted Palace, A Beautiful Girl, A Shabby Attire, Something is there, Existing part, The Armour etc. 
Each one tries to provide the flavor of a haunted sight. Scared? Let’s enjoy the ride. 
Published Author of poetry books- Thanks Dear God, Poetic Essence, Refection of Mind, Glittering Hopes, Tiny Garden of Words, Angels Smile, Dancing Alphabet, Artistic Muse, Essence of Love. Dear Children, The Magical Quill (available on Amazon). 
Can reach her at: 
You Tube: S Afrose *Muse of Writes*(@safrose_poetic_arts) 
Facebook page: Muse of Words by S Afrose. 
Author S Afrose has made her writing realm since August-2020. She enjoys each of the part of this writing ward. She tries to express the hidden word or emotion, by her words; with the glamour of poetry.
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    S Afrose
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