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Flowers in December

Flowers in December

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On a Numb November Sunday, Hyacintha receives a call from her mother whom she hasn`t seen for the last seven years wanting to spend this Christmas season with her. Not the kind of Christmas Holidays she planned for herself. Now, all that she feels is a profound sense of nausea and a feeling of helplessness at the thought of spending the Christmas season with her mom. She tries to reason that she should be happy, but she isn`t................. probably something was lost in these last several years, but how does one fix it?
Life often leaves many chapters incomplete, only one day to arrive at them after a long passage of time has passed. When these chapters are revisited, how much is that we remember, and how much is it that we have forgotten? The scars of the past are visible but what about the joys of the past, Don`t they leave any scars? 
Flowers in December is a play penned by protean Playwright Dr. Omkar Bhatkar about the frozen hearts of winter and the burning desire in each one of them to feel the warmth.
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    Omkar Bhatkar
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