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Devils of Dubai

Devils of Dubai

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"The two female detectives were on holiday in the vibrant city of Dubai. Suddenly a murder happened�that of the most important leader of a business conglomerate owned by an Indian family. They were almost cajoled into accepting the case. Despite a thorough investigation by Dubai police, little progress was made. Then, all of a sudden, another murder occurs. The involvement of a professional killer was obvious.
Yasho and Raji moved all over the city, deploying their unique methods of investigation. But then, at each juncture, shocks and scares greeted them. They then travelled to Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE. Disguised in burqas, they met a key person, a lady, at the crowded Grand Mosque. Will she be able to provide them with any vital information?
They ultimately had to face a resourceful and ruthless group of tech-savvy, professional criminals propped up by a major Russian oil company.
They discover the fascinating details of oil well drilling and the tendering process. The theme is based on recent events in the context of global oil turmoil. Will Yasho and Raji be able to thwart the sinister plans of the organisation filled with ex-KGB agents? 
A relentlessly engaging story built around a unique theme in which a series of mysteries unfold and deliver page-turning tension to the reader. A must-read for fans of detective fiction.
The author of ""The Mystery of the Genes,"" a fabulous action thriller, has written yet another addictive novel.
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    Uttam Mukherjee
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