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Attack Of The Purple Blobs

Attack Of The Purple Blobs

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The book ‘Attack Of The Purple Blobs’ is part two of the
Stargazer series. Part one is ‘The Day I Found An Egg’.
Stargazer, the little dino has been dinonapped by aliens. It’s up to
Austin and Petro to get their little dino buddy back. But why did
the Tribbilians kidnap him? The Tribbilians knew that the duo
would come to rescue their buddy, so they laid traps. One by one,
they captured all of Austin’s friends. Will Austin be able to find
Stargazer, or will he be a rat walking into a trap? Is there a bigger
plan behind it all? Can Austin reach the Tribbilians and end their
reign of terror? From deep sea adventures to more attacks and
losses, read this fiction adventurous story with a bit of knowledge
sprinkled everywhere.
  • Author Name

    Austin Ajit
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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