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Aabhar Yoga

Aabhar Yoga

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'Aabhar Yoga' is a pathway of becoming more than just machinery, working in a cyclical motion. It's a step by step guide to break free from the shackles of slavery of compulsions of life-long mental conditioning, and go beyond survival instinct to become the best version of One's-Self. The book is a practical guide to achieve optimal health. It's a complete system of knowing, understanding, exploring, and gaining control over one's life, by controlling its instruments: body, senses, and mind. The book is the first of its kind, which thoroughly explains physical & mental benefits of 'Asana's': and provides detailed instructions and demonstration of doing their final positions. It also discusses and demonstrates their easy & different versions, for practitioners who will find it difficult to attain final positions. The book also illustrates common mistakes which happen in an 'Asana', so practitioners will be able to rectify the mistakes by themselves. The book solves all the practical problems practitioners face while practicing 'Yoga' on their own, as it doesn't only provide demonstration of doing the practices, but also combines them to form an actual and powerful practice routine. The book consists of insightful & devotional Prayers meticulously designed to align one's practice to the different elements of Nature, Self, & Life, to get completely absorbed in their energy, with detailed instructions of twenty 'Namaskar' sequences in the continuation: from renowned twelve steps 'Surya Namaskar' to fifty steps 'Parmatma Namaskar' (never explained before), and thirty four afterward practice's routine, beginner's to advanced level, comprising 'Asana's', 'Mudra's', 'Pranayama's', relaxation, and 'Dhyana'. So, practitioners will neither find the practices repetitive, nor monotonous and dull, which will assure continuity and regularity, and a strong foundation for the higher practices of Meditation, which eventually leads to that which we all seek. That ultimate Union with our 'Cosmic Nature'.