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A Murder at Bolpur

A Murder at Bolpur

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While on a trip to Bolpur Santiniketan, Ronobir Sanyal, the noted private investigator along with his cousin Subho and his author friend Neelkanta babu comes across a murder of a retired judge. Later a case of theft of a priceless item is also discovered. The case looks pretty intriguing. There are lots of pieces in the puzzle that Ronobir Sanyal aka Ronuda is unable to comprehend at first. A series of interactions with the key characters is required to understand if theft was the motive behind the murder or the theft was just a work by an opportunist. Things become doubly challenging when the murderer is found to be someone who is a master in the craft of prosthetics. However Ronuda emerges as a winner as he solves both the mysteries in record time. How? Read on……..

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    Dr Kisholoy Roy
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