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A Call From Pakistan

A Call From Pakistan

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A Call from Pakistan is a fiction novel that describes the lives of minorities. The story takes place before the partition in a village of central Pakistan. Where all religious people live happily. Then, suddenly news of the partition destroys everything. They who are friends turn foes and seeds of enmity start growing. 
Two groups among them - one who advocates stiff, rigid religious rules! Whereas the other who tries to convince them that love, peace, and harmony are above all.
A story details how minorities of two nations enjoy religious freedom. Their trail of growth, and freedom of expression including the treatment, and the way they behave among the majority. 
And most of all it warns - what happens if religion becomes an obsession for someone when they want to add it everywhere, impose their superiority without accepting other�s truth!  
This is a story of Pakistani minorities who are fighting against bias, prejudices, and injustice.
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    Bhawani Singh Chhagan Singh Bhati
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