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Self Publishing Companies in Canada

Self-publishing is currently one of the most popular methods of getting an author’s work out into the world without having to let go control of the whole process. It helps the author take control of the publishing procedure from start to finish, while not having to spend an extravagant amount. Other than doing everything by yourself, another method in self-publishing is taking the help of a publishing agency to help you with each step along the way.

Self-publishing has come a long way since having to do all the printing, shipping and storage by yourself. Today, anyone can publish an e-book for free, but it is not as easy as it sounds. This is where self-publishing start-up companies come into the picture. For a first-time author who has not published before, taking the help of these start-ups can make the whole process much smoother, and the end result is much better.

Some self-publishing start-up companies have come up in Canada which are helping authors transition into being self-published authors quickly and easily. All these companies offer different packages and a wide range of publishing options.

1. FriesenPress

FriesenPress is one Canada’s largest publishing services provider. It is a 100% employee-owned service. They are involved in every step of the way – from editing to designing, from distribution to promotion, FriesenPress is involved for everything. It is responsible for printing nearly 25 million books every year, including large print runs for Penguin Random House, Scholastic and more.

2. TellWell

The only major Canadian company to offer 100% net royalties, TellWell is one of the few Canadian indie publishing companies which totally focuses on the author and their needs. They are very transparent about the talent working on the book and have a flexible pricing model for easier payment methods. TellWell is an experienced and friendly team of publishing professionals who can help first-time authors in guiding through every step of the way. They even have a free guide to self-publishing.

3. Indie Publishing Group

Indie Publishing Group has over a decade of experience in the indie publishing world, who are dedicated to helping writers in making the publishing process less daunting. They offer a variety of different packages and offers their team of expertly curated professionals to take care of your e-book or manuscript, thus giving you more time to focus on your next book.

Going with a traditional publisher helps to take the load off from all the complications involved in the process, but self-publishing has its own merits too. The satisfaction of publishing your own book from scratch and revealing it to the world is a feeling like no other. So whatever company you may choose, if your work is good and you have the work ethic of a big publisher, then going in with realistic expectations will definitely yield positive results.

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The author of this title, Rohan Sarkar is a professional illustrator and is currently pursuing his masters in Toronto, Canada.

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