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Publishing Industry in India

The publishing market in India is ever-growing and holds a proud position as one of the top seven publishing industries in the world. With books being published in 24 major languages, India anchors herself as a diverse market and offers plenty of variety in regional languages, genres and means of publishing. An evolving audience of readers has grown side by side with the industry. The past decade has seen both the readers and the authors indulging in diverse genres. More and more writers are assessing their needs and choosing their preferred method of publishing their books.

The industry has been going through rigorous changes with both traditional and self-publishing thriving in their own ways. Traditional publishers like Penguin and Bloomsbury continue to flourish by publishing some of the biggest names. More than thousands of registered self-publishers operate in India and some like Juggernaut Books and Shristi Publishers have accumulated commercial success. As much as trade publishing is growing, academic publishing dominates the Indian market at large. Although there is a steady demand for print books among Indian readers, the industry and the audience doesn’t shy away from digital contents like e-books and virtual reality.

In the throes of a pandemic, publishers have made their presence felt ten-folds in digital spaces. Publishers have taken a massive advantage of the technology-savvy era and mapped their paths in sales, publicity and marketing online through social media buzz. Because of booksellers being shut out of business for longer periods of time, online sales of books have sky-rocketed with businesses like Amazon, Flipkart and online bookstores leading in print and e-books sales. As digital development continues to be an exciting challenge for the industry, the future holds a promising environment for a symbiotic relationship between the print and digital formats for Indian publishers.

This article was written by Isvi Mishra

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