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How to Increase Traffic on your Blog!

Effective strategies to boost blog traffic is one of the very first achievements of reaching the goal of writing a blog.

Whether you sell online products or place google adsense to monetise your blog, everything comes to one point which is healthy and constant traffic flow.

There are two kinds of traffic paid traffic and organic traffic. You can get paid traffic on your site whenever you want, but you would mostly prefer direct or automatic traffic to flow into page which is organic traffic. For this the most important thing is to get found on search engines by telling them to rank you higher since first your content is the best and second your content is most relevant.

With time there are plenty of applications which have come up which yield to increasing the blog traffic and which if leverage effectively can produce great results. Here are few of the tips boosting the site traffic without having to shell a penny,

1. Social Media - Start with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest where you can build a large follower base and start posting interesting content related to your niche. You may automate Twitter and Facebook for the posts to get mutually posted to save time by logging into each account separately.

Going groups in Facebook which exchanges Likes and Comments for your blog posts and invite readers to comment on your blogs.

Create widgets on your blog which would directly post your content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

For professional blogs use LinkedIn as it is the largest professional social media site.

2. E-Mail List - Build an e-mail subscriber list and import all your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo or other accounts and filter the list whom you think your updates would be most relevant. You may note not to produce spam in the mails as this may result in blocking your site instead.

3. Quality - Most important thing in publishing content is that it needs to be of value addition and good quality. Check out how to create an engaging blog.

4. Incentivise - Provide incentives to people who contribute to your blog and also comment and like constantly in order to increase visibility and engagement.

5. Webinar - Host a webinar on your content to provide “additional” content that are not available on your blogs. Incentivise them who are attending your webinar by providing a free e-book or anything at budget but worthwhile.

6. Subscription - Include multiple locations for subscription to blogs, notifications and updates.

7. Interface - Make your page interface attractive and mobile responsive since an unattractive page causes readers to move away from your site immediately. Also, check your page download time as it is essential to have a page that loads fast.

8. Testimonials - Check for testimonials from influencers in your area who may provide a word or two that you can include in your site and boost credibility.

9. SEO - Optimise your search engines by using tools such as Wordpress SEO, remove all broken links and “Not Found” pages. Try checking out Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool to find related keywords for a seed keyword.

10. Guess blogging - Start commenting and posting on others blogs and engage with them to contribute to your content as well and hence create a group of loyal subscribers for yourself.

11. Internal Links - Include internal links to related content on your blog pages to keep your readers shifting within your domain and get all the content that is required from your pages.

12. Backlinks - You may try this out for adding few backlinks to other’s sites and add them to yours as a mutual exchange to get some traction but it is advised not to overdo it as placing external https:// links would not only slow down your site but also take your visitors away from your site.

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