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Basic Story Writing Tips

If you are wondering, story writing is very simple and involves zero labour, you are very wrong. Try grabbing a paper and start writing a story. Do you think that story is interesting enough to read or are you stumbling upon the descriptions or confused on what genre to choose?

Writing a basic story takes time and loads of preparations. But where do we start? To make things simpler, let’s identify basic story writing tips that will save you some time from googling around “basic story writing tips” and getting glutted by loads of complicated processes. The basic story writing tips are:

Preparing the main plot

The first and foremost thing one needs to do is to prepare the main plot. One does that so that one doesn’t forget the story and focus on the main theme. Without the main plot, one cannot create a successful story. Thus it’s substantial for the authors to prepare the main plot right before starting to design the main story.

To choose a genre

The second step indulges in checking under which genre the story follows and to research more about that genre. For instance, if you are planning to write a romance story learn more about the romance genre. If you want to add a twist of thriller, learn more about the thriller-romance genre.

Story title

An attractive title is key to achieving readers attention. Make sure the story has an attractive and unique title which will seem intriguing to the readers. Also, the story title should be relevant to the story itself or else the readers will get confused. The story title should be short, clear and catchy!


To create an attractive blurb the first rule is: don’t give spoilers in the blurb. Yes, no spoilers! Spoilers often ruin the very main essence of a story. If you want to create a blurb simply put the initial details of the story and create suspense for the readers to think, “what will happen next?”

Naming the characters and noting down the description and character straights:

Another significant thing one must always do is research. Yes do extensive research on the characters and pinpoint all their features and note them down somewhere. Make sure you don’t make mistakes like in one chapter, the boy has blue eyes and in the following chapter, the same boy has green eyes. Every detail matters!

Planning a location and timeline

While writing a story, along with the plot and characters it’s also important that people can picture the place where the story characters are residing in. Again, do some research on places and plan where you want to put your characters all over the story. Also, don’t mess up the timelines!

Creating chapter outlines

To keep the flow of the story and not add unnecessary plots, develop the habit of creating chapter outlines. By noting down characters, locations, speeches, timelines and ideas, you will always stay focused on your story and create a meaningful one. Thus one should create chapter outlines and maintain them regularly.

The pace of the story

Another mistake that many authors do is that they fail to maintain the pace of the story. To make sure the pace of the story is not too fast or slow, authors should allocate time to read the story by himself and take opinions from his/her friends on the pace of the story.

Character development

The most significant thing about a good story is character development. Try to show that the character has developed (can be a positive or negative development, both). This helps to give the story a lively effect.

The plot twist and cliffhanger

The most intimidating part of the story is a plot twist. Without plot twists, stories are often regarded as dull and boring. Authors must keep it in their minds that their story must have unexpected twists or cliffhangers in between chapters.

Doing more and more research

The final point is to make sure the novel seems realistic and people can divulge into the world of fiction. This can only be achieved through extensive research on the story. Thus authors must do more and more research to create a wonderful, meaningful and complete story.

Story writing is actually an art that requires patience and extensive skills to give it a perfect shape. Thus by following the above mentioned basic tips, authors can easily create their own story and attract the readers as well!

This article was written by Jinnatul Raihan

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