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Why Getting Copyright is Important?

​Registering Copyright can mitigate your risks, but to do so in an easy affordable way is still considered a challenge by many. This is why we have partnered with Copyrights World to protect an artist against specific uncredited usage of his or her work e.g., reproducing the work in any other material form, publishing or filming it, or making an adaptation.

Creating a content should mean that you are its owner. However, what if you discover that it has been copied by another person without your knowledge online or anywhere worldwide?

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Copyright insurance for your material is simple, affordable, and available all across the world.
With a single hashtag, you can easily safeguard and monitor your content without the need for attorneys or bureaucracy.

How to Register Copyright?

You'll be provided a digital safe deposit box where you can safely keep proof of your copyright ownership! As soon as you upload your file, you establish irrefutable proof of copyright ownership. It's as simple as that to protect and prove your creations' copyrights.


To obtain immediate, irrefutable proof of copyright ownership of your work, register now.

For any queries feel free to write to us at

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