Ukiyosk: Blending Art with Augmented Reality & The Bookstore

What is Ukiyosk?

Ukiyosk is a unique concept of integrating a shelf hosting books, audio albums and others with Augmented Reality to provide a realistic feel of a store. On scanning the TIGER image imprinted on each of the artwork with an AR Application, the image would emerge as a real interactive object or a video directing to Ukiyosk (The Virtual Bookstore) having options to purchase either digital (Flipbooks) or Paperbacks.

Our hosting partners may place this 'shelf' either in digital or print format (wall hanging, portrait, canvas, coloured print out, pillows, mugs etc.) in their homes, outlets or any other networks and garner readers or viewers for the books. We have a tracking mechanism by which we will record the sales from our partners and provide them with their due remuneration for. In other words, each of our hosting partner would behave as an individual Virtual Bookstore.


Simply, have the brilliant artworks behaving as a decorative show in your house, office or outlet and at the same time access all Flipbooks and Paperbacks and new updates on new releases on Ukiyosk.

Ukiyosk also enables artists to submit their work and sell them on a global marketplace. There is no fee for artists to list their work with Ukiyosk and for every sale, artists gain royalty.

Product Specifications:


Size: 12inch x12 inch

Type: Gallery Wrap Canvas on Matt texture 

A. How to start? - For Ukiyosk Buyers

1. Choose your art

2. Select the medium either digital download or printed on an object (Items available will vary as per country)

3. Checkout and get your delivery

4. Scan the TIGER image on the artwork with your camera AR Link (CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK) anytime to access Ukiyosk (The Virtual Bookstore)

B. How to start? - For Ukiyosk Hosts (i.e. Anyone who wishes to sell books and music and generate income) 

1. Follow all the steps mentioned in Part A

2. For getting the license to host Ukiyosk and sell the books yourself or for your network, additionally fill up the form given below.

3. We will get back to you within 4 working days, seek further details (if required) and process your license documentation further.

C. How to start? - For Artists

1. Submit your artwork in high resolution 2000x2000 px size to If you are having problems for the mentioned size, please write to us. 

2. Sign the Artist Contract upon selection

3. Find your artwork for sale on Ukiyosk and spread the word

NOTE - There is no fee for listing your art with Ukiyosk

Further steps for Ukiyosk Hosts/License Holders:

1. We will assign you a separate license number within 7 working days from the date of approval and email you the details

2. You may initiate all your customers or clients to scan the TIGER image and access the store and at the time of Check Out provide your License Number so that we may track the sales from your end and credit your due share on a monthly basis.

How do licensees benefit?

1. Enjoy high margins per sale for both digital (Flipbooks/Audio/Music content) and print (paperbacks and hardbacks) medium

2. Be a prestigious "Ukiyosk Partner" and have your contact and scan point location details placed on our site for ensuring authenticity to your buyers

3. Host a technology focussed 'shelf' anywhere at any place in the world with continuous earnings and add to your income. Shelves can be placed just as wall hangings or Canvas portraits serving as beautiful decorations.

Pricing For Ukiyosk Hosts only & Not Applicable for Others

The License Fee is Rs.5,000 over and above the product cost. This amount is completely waived off till 31st May'21 and there is NO LICENSE FEE at present.

For any queries please feel free to write to anytime.