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Why Gandhi?

Why Gandhi?

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The novel Why Gandhi? represents the dialogue between the
lead, Krishna and the stranger. The incident transpired before the
assassination of Mohandas Gandhi on 31st January 1950 ,Birla
Bhavan. Krishna Gandhi’s son, who turned out to be a bandit who
was going to be executed, was the objective, for him to disclose his
story for his son and the world. His son wasn’t much intrigued by
Gandhian philosophy, rather he supported Gandhi’s assassination.
The novel reveals the conversation that took place between Gandhi’s
suspected assassinator and Krishna which is obscured from the
readers till the climax. The entire novel demonstrates the events
and the teachings of Gandhian philosophy to Krishna Gandhi’s life
during the British raj. In each of his life heart wrenching incidents,
he leads to one of the Gandhian philosophies, he wasn’t aware that
they were coached by Gandhi, to deal with Britishers. Every story
in Krishna’s life would give the reader rational and psychological
perspective of the sufferer and offende .The novel inclines to
bring the fresh perspective in the climactic world that outcomes of
nonviolence and not only through the physical aspect but to the
intellectual flavour. There is also the philosophy of delusion, truth
and acceptance of reality which would keep the reader engaged till
the end.The readers would also relish the fresh ingredient that has
brought in the novel what made him want to kill Gandhi and what
did he achieve by consummating his intentions.
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    Tanuja Tarale
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