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Where the Dead Come Alive

Where the Dead Come Alive

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Nidhi, an orphan, is shocked to find out that her best friend Rachna 
saw Dharampal, their common friend’s father, at the vigil held for the 
COVID-19 victims. The man died a year ago. 
Nidhi, who is also a journalist, decides to dive deep and unravel the 
mystery behind this occurrence. During her investigation, she finds 
out that this is not the only case. 
She decides to involve Rachna and Rachna’s boyfriend Raunak in 
the investigation. They are taken to a place where Dharampal makes 
them meet many like him. They tell her they can bring dead to life. 
They call it their cult. 
She is shaken after she realises that somehow, she is also related to 
the cult. She flies to Puri and investigates more and finds out that her 
late grandmother was a part of the cult. 
While in Puri, she receives a phone call from Raunak who informs 
her about the demise of Rachna’s mother. The trio decides to take 
help of the cult and bring Rachna’s mother back to life. 
With the help of the cult, they embark on a journey where they 
unravel new secrets everyday while coming face to face with new 
dangers every day. Will they be able to bring Rachna’s mother back 
or will even lose each other, the climax will tell.
  • Author Name

    Sugandha Pallan
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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