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Wagging Tongues - Dust Jacket

Wagging Tongues - Dust Jacket

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Wagging Tongues is a compilation of short stories and reflections through the eyes and spirit of Ranjan D’ Cruz, an Indian maverick Rock Singer. The stories reflect the irony and frailty of life looking at the positive learning and funny side and always being a student of life. It is inspired in thought by the philosophies of Bruce Lee, Krishnamurti , Rabindranath Tagore , Albert Einstein , Eckhart Tolle and Osho. The book looks at the beauty of life and nature and being unique, not following any rigid path but being flexible and natural to one’s personality. The stories are eclectic covering various aspects of life from Knowledge , Intelligence , Wisdom, Birth , Death , Body , Mind , Spirit , Anger , Peace , Love , and Life and brings contemporary and timeless wisdom with something’s to laugh about and reflect.

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    Yogie Chandra Tatvaraj

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