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Victim of Selfish Love - Dust Jacket

Victim of Selfish Love - Dust Jacket

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This book entitled 'Victim of Selfish Love' a dramatic book that describes a pretty looking young girl from a wealthy family, whose curiosity and anxious of a good looking and rich boy led her to become a victim of Fake and pretentious lover boy starting from the university. The book is divided in to three parts with scenes in each part. The book presents the young girl as an imagery to what most of the people are passing through in the cost and quest for rich lovers in the hands of wicked and heartless people. The young girl was raised in a God fearing way, only to end up as a victim of Selfish Love as a result of bad influence, curiosity and quest. Not only she became victim of Selfish Love, but she destroyed what the family has labored many years, and as well died on the process. This dramatic book is an inspiration of a true-life story of which the author wishes to share through writing, to save lives of the many who has such intentions or who may encounter such situation. It is also a way of the author advocating that not all glitters is gold. People have been victims of online love to some people who claim to be who they are not. Thus, the author presented Angelica as an imagery to create awareness of such ungodly acts.
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    Okoro, Sixtus Ugwulo

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