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To Cut A Long Story Short...

To Cut A Long Story Short...

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Brevity is the soul of wit. It is definitely the soul of these four and twenty pieces written as flash fiction, short story and a few that are prose-poems. 

In most of these pieces the idea is to attempt a sketch, to flash an image, to evoke a quick ‘Ah!’ rather than to tell an elaborate story. It is hoped that these tiny literary experiences lead to larger thoughts, memories and images in the reader's mind.

The abused child, the undermined mother, the naughty old man, the bewildered artist, the lost transgender – they all find themselves captured in these pages. The revenge of a battered wife, the disgust of a domestic pet, the dreams of a struggling mother, the state of sexual politics a hundred years from now, the horror of war, the reality of a writer’s vocation and many more aspects of life as we see it – and don’t – are portrayed in these vignettes.

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    Kiran R.

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