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The Sky Never Came Down

The Sky Never Came Down

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�One empire expands and thrives on the death ground of another; the empire of human civilization did same on the kingdom of Nature: so was the destiny of a pack of jackals of this fiction under the steamroller aggression of the human urbanization�.
An allegorical fable of imaginative fantasy questioning the advance of civilization and the right of authoritarian instinct of mankind. It is also a note on ecology and disorientation of Nature by what we tag as advancement of civilization. It also throws light on all sorts of beings that were and are still being thrown away from their natural abode and made stateless on ethnic grounds and compelled to cross borders for shelter and food. The novel describes how a handful of power-loving beings, for all time, shapes the future of a place as well as its people. They change a virgin land to a concrete city, the attitudes of the people of the land, the fate of the very place in the name of bright and lucrative urbanization as the fate of the jackals of the novel is shaped and sent to the darkness of future.
The whole story unfolds through the answers of a mother jackal to the curious questions of her baby jackal trapped in a walled urban factory premises and the question is �Does the fate do the final justice to the homeless jackals?�
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