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The Scent Of Paper - Dust Jacket

The Scent Of Paper - Dust Jacket

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This book is a collection of poems. Any themes poems you can read in this book.
My aim is to change people thinking about things and life from the poems. I have
focused the people as well as their happiness and sadness and I have wrote this
I hope the poems of this book can win the heart of the people. If someone needs
motivation I hope they can get motivation as well as inspiration through this book.
This book is written on the bases of my own feelings and understanding.
This book can give justice for the voiceless people as well as it can heal the pains of
the people. It helps to create a new world. The poems speaks the real life problems
as well as sometimes of the imagination as well as of fancy thoughts.
Once you read this book you are so much happier and motivated by it�s world. This
book is for all ages from children to the young and old. This book is like a full of
magical words. I have realized the world and here�s people and their situation and I
have wrote this book.
This is not just poems but the experience of the life. The creative and good ideas.
The imagination beyond the life. My aim is to show what words can do if it is
arranged and spoke. The words can become a medicine to cure diseases. As well as
gives happiness for the world.
The words are the weapons to fight the words are the voiceless voices of someone.
The words are the gift of a knowledge so I am using my knowledge to do welfare
of others. My dreams and imaginations works to help others in the forms of poems
in this book.
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    Binod Dawadi
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