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The Mansion - Dust Jacket

The Mansion - Dust Jacket

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A sleepy little village, tucked away in the sylvan settings of paddy fields and Areca palms, with its regular dose of gossip and waywardness, comes alive to the adventures of entrepreneurship opening up strange vistas. The caravan threading through the story fabric is a world in itself. The dumb creatures, the master, the cart driver, all live in a world of their own. But then, suddenly, the cocoon bursts and dirty worms creep out. Every thing turns topsy turvy. We come across a myriad characters painted in different shades of grey. The author spins a web of magic through a prism cut in acute angles. Make a slight tilt. There are no saints nor sinners. As the cart wheels roll up the dirt road, you come across different types of characters waiting anxiously. We are sucked into a vestibule of passions. Mellowed and seasoned beyond age by the tough experiences during the adolescence, Issack makes a headlong plunge into business. An empire where his ancestors crumbled and perished. An astute observer of situations, he soon makes a niche for himself. But then, is sucked deep into a magical whirlpool of a by gone generation. Seeds of the past comes for a re-visit and blooms with a vengeance.
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    Jacob Job
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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