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The Legend of Bhadraka

The Legend of Bhadraka

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� The Legend of Bhadraka�, narrates the story of a princess named Durmukhi ,who was held in captive, in one room of the palace, of Bhadraka�s Kingdom. No one saw her except her mother, the queen of that palace. After many efforts , she discovered the truth and solved the mystery behind her life story and prophecy involved in the reign of Bhadraka kingdom. The Durmukhi�s  compassion for her kingdom , made her A final Hero!
The queen, King , Prince , warlords, two legged spider, scary henchmen and many interests of children�s vision are involved in that enchanted Kingdom. The naughty snake and greedy two legged spider provider much laughter , as a comic section in this story. This fable contains greed, ecology, friendship, enduring love and Justice. This parable offers many subtle lessons.
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    Tanuja Tarale
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