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The Law Lord's Paradox:1 - Dust Jacket

The Law Lord's Paradox:1 - Dust Jacket

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This is a mystical new age tale with some esoteric ponderings. It�s about two forfeit voyagers Trushna and Samay , the protagonists of this paradox ,who came from the virgin cosmos to this inconclusive planet Earth to seek the experience of absolute truth and reconnoitre their traits. In this expedition, they came with their slates clean but here they had to confront all the  forms of avarices and somehow unknowingly they had to indulge  in them .From there the real journey eventually proceeded further and gathered every aspect of life along sufferings of reality. In the seeking of transformations undergone, they had been through different forms of avarices like wealth, physical intimacy, attachments, revenge ,love , etcetera. In the process of gathering for the satisfaction of lust and impulses of mind, they had to face the hidden paradoxes of humanity which takes this tale on the ride of social views like women assault, child abuse, prostitution, corruption,  homosexuality and so on. All these transformations in this story are written in the format of phases that contain the homogeneous mixture of greed and social problems. The epilogue of this tale displays the quintessence of absolute knowledge and later the absolute truth along with enigmatic query. It is totally kept hidden till the end for the readers to figure out the conclusion of the mystery that holds the real voyage of Trushna and Samay , also it may totally vary from reader to reader. In this form, the story reveals the path of acquiring reality in the cradle of agony.
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    Tanuja Tarale
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