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The Holy Convergence And Other Poems - Dust Jacket

The Holy Convergence And Other Poems - Dust Jacket

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The Holy Convergence And Other Poems is a collection of poems
combining various themes, merging ideas and unifying characters. Each
poem is different from the other in style and form expressing myriad
emotions from spiritual to corporeal existence of human beings. The
book is a vivid document of confluence and converging of cultures and
interests of human civilization. It has virtually crossed the geographical
and historical boundaries from ancient to modern and transcends the
path of surreal Greco-Roman mythology and down to the pandemic
ridden world of hard reality. The readers will definitely find the poetries
soothing, motivational and inspirational with a touch of healing. At the
end romanticism with both of our pleasant fantasy and harsh reality has
been aptly penned down by the poet.
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    Debjyoti Das
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