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The Gathering Book 3 - Dust Jacket

The Gathering Book 3 - Dust Jacket

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As the evil scourge ravaged the kingdoms of Stelvose, chaos reigned. Two young boys become responsible for the fates of many as they become young men. Experience the exciting story of two young men who are divided by righteousness and evil. During the Haugernaut Wars, love for fellow men has become a distant memory. The last Gallen Heart Knight, Rondo ironson, can he prevent the last vestiges of righteousness from being destroyed? Can Vilmare, a once beloved friend, find hope in his fragile heart? Indulge yourself in the non-stop story as you are swarm by the mighty of magic, emergent gallantry, and diabolical rituals to conquer the world of Stelvose. Experience parallel adventures featuring new characters, brave acts of survival, love reawakened by disillusionment, and an unlikely collection of righteous hearts. Bring forth the Knights of Salvation, the last hope. Let the adventure begin! Hope you enjoy the third novel of The Gathering Series!
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    Paul Hacker
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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