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The Divine Lust - Dust Jacket

The Divine Lust - Dust Jacket

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This book is one of cross-genre with complex characters. The Bard (who is called �the Bard�) is one of mystic and complex characters. And so is the heroine Julie, a researcher psychologist shows how  she falls for the mystic character the Bard. The mother of the heroine Clara is dimensional when she, living in the mundane world caters to ethereal love. Complex characters; magical realism makes this novel a cross-genre book. Reality and mysticism are interwoven in a fine blend. The characters, the Bard, the protagonist, julie,the heroine and  the mother shows traits of a dimensional characteristics. Set in Portugal, and the Himalayan foothills, this is a novel, divertingly exploring the religious, philosophical, and psychological bases of understanding love. Most importantly, the book addresses incorporeal, and corporeal manifestations of love; their interface, perceived conflicts, and the question whether there is a natural necessity for the finalizing, or consummation, of love of every kind: whether of God or humankind.
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    Baby Kattackal
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