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The Cursed Curves - Dust Jacket

The Cursed Curves - Dust Jacket

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"‘The Cursed Curves’ is a story of an obese girl of 90 kilograms who
suffers a lot due to body -shaming.The book provides a truthful
account of her harrowing romantic love story. She takes hazardous
quick-fixes to reduce her weight at a rapid speed and she ends up in
the ICU in a terrible state. The novel is a satire on the unattainable
false beauty standards of weight, form, colour and shape that society
has established. Nobody has a right to pressurise or demand that
another person should change their physical size or shape to suit
their personal preferences. It is not appropriate nor respectful.
Regardless of body type or size, everyone has the right to feel at ease
and confident in their own flesh. In order to create a culture where
everyone is appreciated and respected, regardless of their body type
or size, it is imperative to spread the message of body positivity and
She fights back and not only comes out of the stigma but establishes
herself as a world famous ‘Body- Positivity Counsellor’ and becomes
a successful author as well."

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    R. Chaitanya
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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