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Sonder - Dust Jacket

Sonder - Dust Jacket

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It's like a gathering we never had. We didn't travel miles to meet, we didn't have a bonfire, we didn't stay up till the glimpse of dawn talking, laughing, crying, all our differences slowly disappearing. Yet, here we have our writers from across the world sharing stories from their journeys and from their imagination in this travel anthology.
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    Vargheese, Contributors: Dyuthi, Dr. Soumya Mathew, Brenda Mohammed, Kuntamukkala Sai Prakash, Eliza Segiet, Namratha, Ann Mary Jojuan, Navya Krishna P, Vinny Achamma George, Merin V Jacob, Anargha Joshy P, Linda P. Joseph Florabelle Lutchman, Bitika Paul, Susan Joshi, Dr. Muthmainnah, Sugar Zedna
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