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Smiles N' Moments

Smiles N' Moments

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“Smiles N’ Moments” is a collection of 200 octet poems that traverse
the realm of smiles. It encourages us to give and forgive, to forget,
and to find peace. Every octet is a capsule that reminds you to be
present at the moment, light up your heart, pause your worries, and
rekindle a tender memory. It honours the power of a smile to energise
and inspire, whether enjoying the fresh morning happiness of tea or
admiring nature’s splendour at daybreak. Whether you are a poetry
enthusiast or simply seeking a dose of optimism, Smiles N’ Moments
is a pleasant read that makes you cherish the moment by sending you
plenty of smiles, happiness, and connection.
  • Author Name

    Adv. Dr. Kriss Venugopal
  • Terms and Conditions

    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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