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Sing a song, Take a selfie...and Kill Them! - Dust Jacket

Sing a song, Take a selfie...and Kill Them! - Dust Jacket

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On the next turn, two serial killers are awaiting their latest victim who will be coming on a car-any car. And there is no doubt that there will be blood. On a moonlit midnight, a drunken man is plodding back home, determined to teach his irreverent wife a lesson. There will be tears. Somewhere in the US, an LAPD officer is bound to confront a maniac armed with a gun pointed at his little child and wife. There will be deaths. Far away in little Kerala, a grandfather develops a curious predilection for Facebook where he finds friends, foes and fans abound. There will be Likes and DisLikes. Somewhere on a college campus, an unusual love story unfolds itself in dribs and drabs. There will be broken hearts. Meanwhile, a group of disgruntled husbands come together by quirky fate to form a secret association, Angry Husbands Anonymous, which soon becomes a rage. There will be wails and slogans. Through all these threads, a young man is trying to connect the missing pieces of his strange, broken life. There will be words. This compulsive page turner deals with love, crime, death, and of course, with some nail-biting encounters! Romance, despair, murder, betrayal: The novel touches upon varied aspects with a sharp sense of biting humour. This takes you to an entirely different reading experience.  Get ready for a different ballgame.
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    Sijo Joseph Plathottam
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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