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Schrödinger’s Cat

Schrödinger’s Cat

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Like Einstein’s theory of relativity, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the Schrodinger’s wave equation is fascinating inquisitive minds and physics lovers for long time. As physics goes deeper and deeper, more questions are coming out. The dark energy, antimatter, parallel universe, quantum entanglement etc are complicated physics for common man.
But physics and poetry, both are inner and deeper expression, explanation of nature. 
Physics and poetry are complementary to each other. Neither physics can explain everything about nature, truth, and reality nor poetry can describe nature, truth, and reality through our emotions. Since beginning of modern poetry, a few scientists and science students are writing poetry to enrich literature world. When the Nobel Prize for physics for the year 2022 was given to physicists for experiments on quantum physics, it encouraged me for fusion of physics and poetry and write this book “Schrodinger’s Cat”.
The sudden departure of my beloved wife from this planet also pushed me to emotional heights and forced me to take refuse in poetry. We hope, one day physics will find out God equation and fundamental truth why and how the universe came in to being, what is the purpose of existence of our universe, and our lives. Whether the universe came from something or nothing, the big bang or no big bang, and its reality or illusion in the domain of time, every truth will come out, but I may not be in the domain of time. 
This poetry book is composed to explain nature and physics in a simple poetic way for everyone, as majority of people think, neither physics nor poetry their cup of tea. When physics becomes hazy, poetry can speak in its own way about nature and reality. This book is also an attempt for fusion of physics with poetry or fusion of poetry with physics.
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    Devajit Bhuyan
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