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Rising Mist

Rising Mist

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Drops descended like drizzle, turning the velvety sun colored liquid sprinkled around to blue which was spreading rapidly all over the ground and stunned everyone inside especially the bear couple who ran out of the cave in such haste as if they were about to be lit and such a reality was not far. Sana turned to ask them about what had gone wrong. But they were as clueless as her. She had never imagined that their frustrating yet serene start would lead to such a disaster which had no easy recovery. The place was more dear to them as they had once lost what they had called home. She apologized, feeling guilty of the request she made. Rishi tugged her into silence as no amount of their apology could soothe their wounds and with the journey ahead unguided and riddled with unforeseen dangers made it even more difficult to stay here any longer to help them rebuild their haven back. But it did not stop them from insisting to help. They refused Sana and Rishi's aid to restore their place. With the pressing journey ahead and their refusal, the couple's insistence withered to dust. Bowing to them in half as a silent apology, they resumed their unexpectedly paused journey of unknown.

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