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Rainbow on the Horizon

Rainbow on the Horizon

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Her success in her attempt to create poetry has spurred her decision to create more poetry books as she goes. This is the poet�s attempt to bring to life the various emotions and feelings that a person might be going through in their lives. As she does wonders with pathos, the underlying theme in her poems is that. But she also depicts her enthusiasm for life and her strength of character in her poetry, and this collection clearly confirms the fact that there is always a rainbow on the horizon. It�s not always about grief or pathos, but there�s also hope underlying her poems. As always, her collection walks the reader through a rainbow of emotions and the verses are always profound and pull the reader into deep thoughts of various experiences and life in general. This is the author�s second solo book and first by a traditional publisher. 
It takes you on a journey throughout 
Elucidating wonder of emotions 
A bouquet of feelings 
Some of the warmth, some of the empowerment, 
Some so profound and some so filled with pathos 
But still, the journey is a wonderful 
Attempt, straight from the heart.
  • Author Name

    Vidya Gopinath
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