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Promises  Are Lies - Dust Jacket

Promises Are Lies - Dust Jacket

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'I love you, Avantika. I promise that I'll never let a single drop of tear come out of your eyes,' he said while holding her hands. 'I don't believe in promises anymore. Promises are lies,' she said while jerking back her hands. Avantika, a shy girl often chooses to be silent because of reasons known only to her. Having grown up with a stepmother who hates her, Avantika has always long for love. Enters her life, Virat, a rude and egoist man who has no room for love in his life. In fact, he is a non-believer of the concept of love. Both are completely different from each other, but as the saying goes, the opposite attracts. Destiny plays its own game and both are entangled in the web of love. But life is never easy, is it? Something tragic happens that tests their bond of love. Will their love pass the test or will it crumble down? Will they be able to fulfill the promises they made? He is the sun while she is the moon. He is as raging as fire while she is as calm as water. Will these two achieve their happily ever after?

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    Jyoti Das

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