Pretty Young Faces and the Mask Murders - Paperback

Pretty Young Faces and the Mask Murders - Paperback

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Taylor Haynes is a multi-award winning, best-selling author. He writes fiction of crime, mystery, and thriller. Taylor’s forthcoming novel, Pretty Young Girls and the Cover-Up Murders, in progress. The author goes into his initial chapter when he receives a strange e-mail from a fellow author requiring him to ghostwrite a book. One problem with the project... the fellow author’s book title has the exact name as Taylor’s forthcoming novel. So, what’s the author to speculate of this strange proposal to a book titled the same as his? He didn’t appear to need the money that’s for sure, but why not write the book? Well, Taylor accepted. And his decision could be the biggest mistake of his life. Why? He soon discovers a murderer hot on the trail killing young, innocent women, and worst! The killer becomes the women lives he destroyed. Join James Walker as he spins yet into another homicide in Tamikio L. Dooley’s, Pretty Young Faces and the Cover- Up Murders James Walker Chronicle Three.
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