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Paradox of Life

Paradox of Life

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We are a fortunate generation and it just keeps getting better as we stand on shoulders of giants. The only mistake we can make with all our information is to think that we control our lives. Belief can blind a man to explore the depths of human psyche which is only been studied by psychologist in its periphery and leaves a lot of questions unanswered of the depths of our psyche and sub conscious mind. While we can learn from past masters, true wisdom is in understanding our learning with intuition of life, which is the highest intelligence of man as imagination is more important than knowledge and is evolution. Are we masters of our life or playing out pre-destined parts in existence ruled by inherited traits and cosmic forces? An inquiry with Hindu and Greek Philosophy, Behaviorist Psychology and Contemporary Science that will leave you baffled on who we are and how to approach the ever hallucinating mind, which is just an eternal passing experience.
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    Yogie Chandra Tatvaraj
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