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One of a Kind - Dust Jacket

One of a Kind - Dust Jacket

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The tale of: Emma – an optimistic medical student, wants to know the seed of her brother’s loss of position in his company.
Hae – an impudent actor, resents his father and believes him to be responsible for his mother’s suspicious death.
This engaging pair is supported by Emma’s brother Yoo, a pharmacist in Korea, Emma’s secret genie and Woo Baek, a reporter living his life alone without any firm emotions and family, slowly drops his guard to welcome Emma into his life. As Hae, Emma and Baek feelings develop over time they slowly come to form a classic, yet exciting, love triangle.
This tangled and complex tale of love, loss and desire is filled with mysterious pasts, unresolved yearnings, and tireless search for a better life.
Cherry Blossom glimpses the life of Emma, Hae and Baek. They face each other and initiate to work on their goals. With humour in the air but still triggered by past, life goes on….
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