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Oh...Julia...My Daughter - Dust Jacket

Oh...Julia...My Daughter - Dust Jacket

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The moment 'Oh..Julia...My Daughter' was breezing in words, a cute girl got portrayed in the author's inner mind. She was deprived of the comity of her mother and she simply expects motherly love from her father. But destiny has its arcane designs for both of them. If the girl pops off, how will the father survive lonely? If a father fails to fulfill the unique wish of a loving daughter? Surely the grief would haunt him for the rest of his life. And what happens, if the father's life has a vehement doleful end!! These tangled questions led the author to the vented skyline of this story. It discerns the innocent world of children along with their parents in the entranced arena, with the deadly combinations of mazy circus life, the magician's outfoxing and the police investigation to ravel one murder mystery, keeping the readers' intense curiosity intact. Banging away on human values ??and money, entwined with truth, love and faith, is devilishly ancient. Only materialistic ecstasy can be enough for ? What does a man want as happiness? Will a man be happy if he gets it? But if he has trampled on someone's love and faith while acquiring wealth, will the inward bliss give him everything in this world? The sole moment of realisation reveals the craving for a relationship is more genuine than the hunger for money. 'Oh Julia ...' truly depicts a father and daughter's fantabulous relationship in, of and after life enfolded in an entertaining essence. -P.R.Ramdasi.

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    P.R. Ramdasi
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