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Ocean Pearls - Dust Jacket

Ocean Pearls - Dust Jacket

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"Ocean Pearls is an eclectic collection of few selected poems composed by Reena over the years which have been presented to her readers in this oeuvre as a potpourri of simmering emotions, expressed in diverse poetry forms as a kaleidoscope of assorted, relatable, heartfelt and inspiring perspectives. Each poem breathes different from the other in theme, taste, style and focus, just like each day of life is similar and conspicuously discrete in its flavor and that is what keeps life going with renewed vigor, vitality and hope. The pieces span over themes of mirroring social issues and concerns, existential crisis, dubious social theatrics of masquerading appearances versus reality, nuanced flavors flaunted in embellished relationships and love in today’s times, hope to cling to life against all odds, the courage to muster independent critical thought, the grit to find one’s own voice amid superimposing mass clamor and bawl, flavors of surrealism, pun and humor, satire, nuances of human behavior and sensibilities, irony, helpless reality gnawing in the face of one’s conscience, struggle of humanity and its miseries, apathy and despair, identity versus the weight of arbitrary power and more. 

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    Reena Mahay
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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