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My Shining Star - Dust Jacket

My Shining Star - Dust Jacket

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"A girl meets her school friend  after years online ... A dying girl is saved  by a stranger and sets out to search him... A train journey that does not go as expected... 
Are all stories involving a male and female character romantic? Are all stories supposed to be a happily ever after? Does every love story have a clich�d setting? If these are questions that intrigue you, read the stories of Pooja, Apeksha and Bhavana. 
The book consists of three stories inspired by real incidents voicing an emotion relatable to many depicting that the path of life is never straight or as we want it to be; and the charcters are far from being perfect - they all have emotional issues - much like we all do today. Although they do find their solace, will it stay forever? "
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    Priyanka Joshi - More
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