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Millionth chance for the Billion - Dust Jacket

Millionth chance for the Billion - Dust Jacket

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The lush green Sector V, beside sprawling lakes on the outskirt of Calcutta, is sparsely dotted by a handful of low-rise buildings. An offshore project kick-starts at the dawn of the Indian software industry with a state-of-the-art 64 kbps remote link. Idealist project manager, Ritabrata, envisions it as a rare opportunity to help his nation leap forward after a successful career in New Zealand. Sanjay, an onsite returnee, occupies a unique position in the team that is always boiling with conflicting interests. Although strenuous, Kallol finds his first job equally rewarding with a bunch of crazy souls around. Indiscriminate formatting of computers, collecting scrap papers, throwing bowlfuls of curd, covert wooings of Shayari-Romeos, and many such eccentric activities keep people routinely entertained. Onsite aspiration runs high among the team members, which threatens to derail the prospect of offshore business. Ritabrata finds himself entangled in multi-layer office politics. As the conflict between the employees and the management broadens, headhunters infiltrate to destabilize the project further. People�s perspectives evolve with time. It remains to watch who cheers and who laments in the end.
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    Jyotishman Chatterjee
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